Complete Elevated Essentials Bundle (All 3 Trimesters)

Complete Elevated Essentials Bundle (All 3 Trimesters)


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Save yourself (or any expectant mom in your life) the time, money and all-out stress that comes with endlessly researching the expansive (& expensive!) market of maternity products.

We understand the toll that pregnancy can take on the mind and body; moms-to-be spend hours researching pregnancy-safe remedies for their maternity woes only to be let down by the efficacy or quality promised. We at Nurtured 9 made it our mission to alleviate this stress for other moms-to-be by doing the work for you. Use the time you would have wasted away researching ingredient safety and comparing reviews to light a candle, curl up in your luxurious robe, and dream of your future with that baby in your belly. 

Our expertly curated Complete Elevated Essentials Bundle has everything you need to conquer your pregnancy discomforts and stressors to enhance daily routines to bring more peace, balance, and beauty to the pregnancy journey. Rest assured that your mind, your body, and your home are all cared for in this one pretty package, so you can focus on the journey that is pregnancy and most importantly, YOU. 

Whether you’re dealing with first trimester crumminess, second trimester to-do list overload or third trimester restless legs and swollen…everything, this bundle contains pregnancy remedies and rituals that not only combat your typical pregnancy discomforts, but will help you to unwind and feel truly cared for inside and out, from start to finish.

The Complete Elevated Essentials Bundle has been curated with only the absolute best in pregnancy-safe body, beauty, and home care products, tried and tested by Nurtured 9’s founders and industry experts. Included are all of the pregnancy necessities that you’ll no doubt accumulate over the next nine months.

The Complete Elevated Essentials Bundle Includes:

(First Trimester Essentials)

  • Agent Nateur’s Holi (Stick) N3 to keep you feeling fresh with a nontoxic, aluminum-free deodorant formula

  • Pink Stork Morning Sickness Candy to soothe an upset stomach

  • Mambino Naturals Overnight Blemish Spot Remedy to combat pregnancy acne

  • Olio E. Osso No. 2 French Mango Balm for a burst of dewy lip and cheek color, using all-natural ingredients

  • Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish for silky smooth skin

(Second Trimester Essentials)

  • Bellaband from Ingrid & Isabel so you can wear your pre-pregnancy pants for longer

  • Brooklyn Candle Studio Non-Toxic Candle to set a perfectly zen mood

  • Zoe Organics Belly Butter to soothe and hydrate stretching skin

  • RMS Living Luminizer for highlighting cheekbones, the inner corners of eyes, and brow bone; a clean-beauty must have!

  • Earth Mama Organic Heartburn Tea a comforting, relaxing way to relieve indigestion

 (Third Trimester Essentials)

  • A Dry Brush to enhance circulation and exfoliate skin for an all-over glow

  • French Girl Lumiere Moonlight Body Oil to hydrate skin with a subtle, dewy finish

  • Soft, Floral Maternity/Delivery Robe for lounging at home and at the hospital

  • The Laundress Baby & Family Detergent to gently wash all those onesies and baby blankets

  • Clothing Dividers to sort and hang baby’s new outfits by size

Packaging & Shipping Details:

Each bundle includes a print-out of our Remedies & Rituals (our top tips for helping moms-to-be feel their best) as well as a card containing a special message from Nurtured 9, with room on the back to write a personalized note, if desired. The items in our bundle are assembled in a Nurtured 9 kraft box topped with black satin ribbon, which can be gifted directly to mom-to-be (no need for additional gift wrapping!).

Please allow at least one week for delivery. If you need your bundle by a specific date, please email us at and we will work with you to make it happen!

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