Relax & Refresh Bundle

Relax & Refresh Bundle

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While mom-to-be is focused on caring for baby, give the bundle that helps her care for herself, too!

Whether you’re looking for a baby shower gift, sprinkle gift, or just a thoughtful way to treat your loved one (or yourself!), the Nurtured 9 Relax & Refresh bundle is filled with luxurious, clean, non-toxic products that when used together promote a relaxing experience (ritual and benefits detailed below) that is sure to make mom-to-be feel better - inside and out!

This Bundle Includes:

  • A Dry Brush to enhance blood circulation and exfoliate skin for an all-over glow

  • French Girl Organics Lumiere Moonlight Body Oil to hydrate skin with a light scent and subtle dewy finish

  • A Soft, Floral Maternity/Delivery Robe for lounging at home and at the hospital

Enhance Your Bundle With These Optional Add-Ons:

  • Brooklyn Candle Studio Non-Toxic Candle to set a perfectly zen mood - additional $24

  • Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish for silky smooth skin - additional $36

Packaging & Shipping Details:

Each bundle comes with a card containing a special message from Nurtured 9, with room on the back to write a personalized note, if desired. The items in our bundles are assembled in a Nurtured 9 kraft box topped with black satin ribbon, which can be gifted directly to mom-to-be (no need for additional gift wrapping!).

Please allow at least one week for delivery. If you need your bundle by a specific date, please email us at and we will work with you to make it happen!

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More Details:

Our Favorite “Mind & Body Ritual” (for an indulgent and relaxing experience):

  1. Find a comfy place to retreat. Light a candle and put on your favorite mellow tunes.

  2. Grab your dry brush. Working in short strokes toward your heart, start brushing at your toes and work your way up your entire body. Breathe deeply into each stroke to enhance the curative experience.

  3. Take a long hot shower or bath with a luxurious body scrub.

  4. After your shower, message your body oil all over. Spend some extra time embracing your ever-changing bump – your body is doing something incredible!

  5. Wrap yourself in your beautiful luxe robe and take a moment to appreciate this amazing journey.

(The “instructions” for this relaxing mind & body ritual are printed on a card that comes with the bundle.)

Why Dry Brush During Pregnancy?

Whether you’re dealing with first trimester crumminess, second trimester to-do list overload or third trimester restless legs and swollen…everything, the simple, relaxing ritual of dry-brushing can alleviate the mental and physical stresses of pregnancy and leave you with soft, glowing skin. Dry brushing has claimed to have a hand in cleansing toxins from the body, stimulating your lymphatic system and blood vessels, and cell turnover.

Relax, Refresh, and Enjoy!