About Nurtured 9

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You’re pregnant, hooray!

Now cue the morning sickness, the ever-changing bump, the teenager skin, the sleep woes, and the mood swings. Your new mind and body are unfamiliar territory...and now you’re tasked with rethinking and cleaning-up your daily rituals. Rituals that have taken you until now to perfect and tailor to your specific physical, mental, and emotional needs. It’s a lethal combination even without the raging hormones! Oh, and you’re supposed to look good doing it, too.

What we found--or didn’t find!--in our own pregnant fury of Googling mom blogs and websites, is a reliable source for tried and tested suggestions on wellness, style, and beauty products with definitive answers on safety for moms-to-be.  

Sure, there are a zillion resources that focus on decoding what is best for baby, but very few that focus on the needs and comfort of the mom-to-be. And yet, even before take-off, flight attendants instruct parents to secure their own oxygen masks before those of their children—because if you are healthy and safe, you can better serve your family.

Perhaps moms-to-be should follow this same mindset. Doesn’t it make sense that pregnancy is the exact time to put yourself first, make yourself #1, treat yourself the best you ever have, inside and out? After all, in taking the best care of yourself, you’re taking the best care of that beautiful baby growing inside of you, too. 

Nurtured 9 thinks so!

Nurtured 9 is your home for expectation and judgment free information geared 100% to the journey that is pregnancy. Our goal is to sift through resources and take the guess work out of pregnancy products, so that you can focus on making the next nine months a dreamy, peaceful experience that is all about YOU.

How do we do it? — Embrace pregnancy and the constant stream of questions that come along with it?


We can’t take all of the stress out of pregnancy, but we can hopefully lighten the weight of your daily decisions and routines through extensive research, consultations with industry authorities, and our own trials (and errors!).

You’ll find articles in the realms of BEAUTY, MIND & BODY, filled with relaxing rituals, cozy but stylish loungewear curated by our featured celebrity stylist, and luxe, natural beauty products (that work!).   

And possibly most exciting, we have narrowed down the world of “pregnancy-safe” products to our TOP 3s : our favorite, industry-expert approved, most indulgent items in an ever-growing number of product categories, from non-toxic dewy tinted moisturizers to funk-free natural deodorants.  

Consider us your group of Mom friends who have done the legwork for you. Who are your new friends, you ask?

Lindsey (left) and Lauryn (right)

Lindsey (left) and Lauryn (right)

The Founders

Nurtured 9 was created by Lindsey and Lauryn, who have been friends since grade school. They played volleyball together in high school and were roommates throughout college and their early 20s. During the course of their friendship, they’ve vented about teachers and schoolwork, and discussed the ups and downs of jobs and relationships. When they both experienced pregnancy (almost two decades after they first met!), they had a whole new life phase to talk over, and they began to compare notes about the physical and emotional challenges of expectant moms. They wondered if - with their combined life experiences and professional backgrounds - they could build a resource that would help other moms-to-be focus on self-love and self-care throughout their nine month pregnancy journey. They decided they were up for the task and Nurtured 9 was born.

This was us (Lauryn -left and Lindsey - right) way back in high school, dealing with a different set of hormones and mood swings!

This was us (Lauryn -left and Lindsey - right) way back in high school, dealing with a different set of hormones and mood swings!


Now, go sip a tea, curl up in your favorite sweats, and take a nap.  You can rest easy knowing that your friends Lindsey and Lauryn (and their panel of experts!) at Nurtured 9 have your bases covered.