Baudelaire 9" Dry Brush

Baudelaire 9" Dry Brush


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Our favorite dry brush is a traditional, Japanese-style 9” sisal brush from Baudelaire.

Why Dry Brush During Pregnancy? Whether you’re dealing with first trimester crumminess, second trimester to-do list overload or third trimester restless legs and swollen…everything, the simple, relaxing ritual of dry-brushing can alleviate the mental and physical stresses of pregnancy and leave you with soft, glowing skin. Dry brushing has claimed to have a hand in cleansing toxins from the body, stimulating your lymphatic system and blood vessels, and cell turnover.

Our Favorite “Mind & Body Ritual” (for an indulgent and relaxing experience):

  1. Find a comfy place to retreat. Light a candle and put on your favorite mellow tunes.

  2. Grab your dry brush. Working in short strokes toward your heart, start brushing at your toes and work your way up your entire body. Breathe deeply into each stroke to enhance the curative experience.

  3. Take a long hot shower or bath with a luxurious body scrub.

  4. After your shower, message your body oil all over. Spend some extra time embracing your ever-changing bump – your body is doing something incredible!

  5. Wrap yourself in your beautiful luxe robe and take a moment to appreciate this amazing journey.

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