Morning Sickness Remedies

Ahh morning (all day) sickness. Good times. For Lauryn, her go-to tummy soother was raspberry Kefir and cheese sticks. For Lindsey, it was pineapple and pizza (not at the same time). You're probably in the middle of finding your own quirky combination of foods that take the edge off of morning sickness for you. We've rounded up some other drug-free remedies to throw into the mix as you fight that unpleasant queasy feeling.

(Unlike our other Top 3 lists, we didn't want to limit ourselves, so instead we're naming our Top 3 categories so we can include more options for you!)




Ginger is one of the oldest, most popular natural remedies for treating nausea. Try it in tea, candy or even "perfume" form. 

Peppermint & Citrus/Fruit

The smell and taste of peppermint - or simply sucking on a hard candy - has helped many of our friends combat morning sickness in between meals.

Acupressure Wristbands & Vitamin B6

Acupressure wristbands can work wonders for nausea. We've also read that a Vitamin B6 supplement can help as well (talk to your doctor) and found this cherry-flavored hard candy/supplement combo that looks promising. 


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Remember, every pregnancy is different, and we are not medical professionals, so if you’re concerned about any product we mention, please talk to your doctor to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with what you’re using. We did our best to sort out what we feel are the best pregnancy-friendly options out there by conducting extensive research, including: talking with our own doctors, scouring the internet, sifting through product reviews, and chatting with other moms-to-be. We hope our research helps you find products that make you feel great!