How to Maintain Your Personal Style During Pregnancy


Our resident fashion stylist to the stars Liz Teich answers our biggest maternity wardrobe questions: what NOT to wear and how to stay stylish

Wardrobe Stylist Liz Teich has over a decade of experience in the fashion industry and has styled celebrities, catalogs, and magazines across the country.  While styling popular fashion bloggers for the TJMaxx “Maxxinista” campaign, Liz decided to take her knowledge and launch her own style blog, TheNewYorkStylist.  It was time for her to dish out the fashion advice!   

As a new mom to a smiley baby boy named Asher (*name swoon*), Liz has walked in the shoes (now flats) of how to dress the journey to motherhood without sacrificing style.  Being in the fashion industry, Liz couldn’t exactly rock sweats every day.  Instead, she perfected where comfort & fashion intersect...And you better believe she makes it look good.  

From her go-to basics to dressing for special events,  Liz has agreed to check-in with us monthly to share her maternity fashion secrets. So, keep an eye out for more tips on how to style that growing belly!

For more about Liz and what she does, check out her professional styling portfolio.  And be sure to keep up with her blog, TheNewYorkStylist, once you’ve crossed over to the "mother-side” for tips on how to make motherhood equally as chic.


Nurtured 9: Are there any serious fashion no-no’s, or common mistakes for dressing when pregnant?  What should we avoid?

Liz: The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people are spending a lot more money than they should.  So many moms-to-be get overzealous as soon as they find out they are pregnant and they dive right into buying a whole new maternity wardrobe.  The reality is, your size may change a dozen times, or it may not change until month 8!  And so, it’s important that expecting moms pump the brakes on purchases & spread it out through the pregnancy.

One staple piece that often gets splurged on is a pair of maternity jeans.  But, it’s not necessary to break the bank.  I suggest finding an affordable pair you love & buying two sizes, rather than buying an expensive pair of maternity jeans never to be worn again.  

For true basics, I saved my money and bought a few maternity staples per trimester from ASOS & Old Navy. For special pieces, I sized up on Rent The Runway, or from brands I typically shop from rather than shopping only maternity brands that tend to run pricier than average & may stray from your usual style. I was able to easily sell those pieces after my pregnancy through Poshmark or Buffalo Exchange.


Nurtured 9: On that note, do you have any advice for moms-to-be who don’t want to lose their personal style to basics? 

Liz: As a stylist, it was really important to me to feel like me & not wear your typical maternity clothes.  I went to fashion week in an amazing Open Ceremony coat I got on Rent the Runway (more to come on this later!) and people commented on the coat & not my pregnancy.  It was great to be noticed for my fashion instead of my belly!

Other than the obvious advice of bringing in personality with accessories—statement bags, coats & jewelry can go a long way—truly, you can find flowier styled blouses & comfy dresses at your go-to stores that you can just size up for much of your pregnancy.  Then you don’t have to worry about losing your personal style.  

When I was pregnant, I actually went to Target with the intention of buying maternity basics, but it just didn’t feel like ME.  So, I scoured some of their designer collections for items that felt more my style & then went up a size or two to accommodate the belly of the moment.

My greatest advice?  Experiment with your new shape.  My go-to silhouette was always a button down top and high waisted jeans, which obviously isn't going to work with a bump.  I experimented with body-con silhouettes to show off the bump, which is something I would never have worn otherwise.  Don't be afraid to try something new during this time!  Embrace your new silhouette(s) & have fun with it!  Its a whole new way of dressing & thinking; make it an exciting challenge, not a drag. 

Check back for more expert tips from Liz on how to dress the bump in the coming months!