pregnancy Bundles

Whether you’re seeking a meaningful gift for a special mom-to-be or you’re an expectant mama in need of a streamlined way to shop your pregnancy essentials, our Nurtured 9 pregnancy bundles have been carefully curated to deliver only the most luxurious, effective, and non-toxic/pregnancy-safe products to your doorstep.

Elevated Essentials Bundles

The Elevated Essentials Bundles have everything mom-to-be needs to elevate 9 months of pregnancy, from morning sickness remedies to clean beauty to maternity wear. Save the time, money, and all-out stress that comes with endlessly researching the expansive (& expensive!) market of maternity products. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, choose the First Trimester Bundle, Second Trimester Bundle, Third Trimester Bundle, or Complete Bundle (All 3 Trimesters). SHOP NOW

Relax & Refresh Bundle

The Relax & Refresh Bundle makes a beautiful shower or sprinkle gift for mom-to-be, with items that promote a relaxing experience to set her mind at ease. SHOP NOW


More pregnancy bundles coming soon! Please email for more details.