Top 3 pregnancy Belly butters

Most of us spend our lives trying to tighten our tummy and now we watch this magical mini human (who we love) stretch out the years of gym sweat and tears. It can be traumatic for some, but newsflash: it’s inevitable. The belly is going to grow into shapes and sizes you never knew, so you may as well start loving it and all of its forms. A belly butter just sounds indulgent and it is just that. An indulgence that also packs some benefits, like the hydration needed to keep that skin in ship shape as it stretches. As with our Top 3 Belly Oils, there are no guarantees that your favorite belly butter will have any hand in snapping you back to your pre-pregnancy state, but it certainly will moisturize and soothe you. We love the scents, textures, and luxe feel of our Top 3 Belly Butters. Practice some self love and pamper your new shape.



What criteria did we use to select our top three pregnancy-safe picks? Learn about our process here. 


Zoe Organics Belly Butter

Why we love it:

The Belly Butter from Zoe Organics is formulated with certified organic ingredients and no water - which means this thick cream is highly concentrated and jam packed with good-for-your-skin nutrients, including a high percentage of vitamin-rich organic shea butter. The rich, conditioning butter feels great when applied overnight, promoting strong, elastic skin on our tummies as we sleep! We love it so much, we sell it in The Nurtured 9 Shop!


basq NYC Stretch Mark Butter

Why we love it:

basq NYC is a pregnancy skin care brand with a number of celebrity clients, like Heidi Klum, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Whitney Port, and Molly Sims. Rated Best of Baby Awards 2018 by The Bump, this thick cream helps to prevent and repair stretch marks by combining three powerful ingredients: biopeptides, darutoside, and algisium-C.  It smells nice, makes our skin feel soft, and doesn’t feel greasy. That’s a win in our book!


Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter

Why we love it:

Founded by four moms looking for more natural, effective skincare products, Mama Mio sells a line of oils, creams, and washes geared toward keeping our skin feeling healthy and nourished while expecting. The brand’s most famous, best-selling product is The Tummy Rub Butter, which moms-to-be love for its rich, creamy texture (shea butter, organic oils, and Vitamin E) that soothes their growing bumps and increases skin’s elasticity. Mama Mio has a “no nasties policy” that ensures their formulas are made with cleaner, safer ingredients, which made us feel even more comforted as we massaged this indulgent cream into our bumps.

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Remember, every pregnancy is different, and we are not medical professionals, so if you’re concerned about any product we mention, please talk to your doctor to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with what you’re using on your body. We did our best to sort out what we feel are the best pregnancy-friendly options out there by conducting extensive research, including: talking with our own doctors, scouring the internet, sifting through product reviews, and chatting with other moms-to-be. We hope our research helps you find products that make you feel great!