Top 3 Free Meditation Apps

We’re in favor of all self-care and wellness tricks that help us feel more calm and less stressed during pregnancy. After all, we can no longer enjoy that relaxing glass of red at the end of the day! 

With all of the free mindfulness apps now available at our fingertips, we figured it couldn’t hurt to download a few in an effort to learn more about meditation techniques and work on developing a daily practice to reap all the benefits. After researching the most popular options and reading reviews online, here are the top 3 we’ve enjoyed the most.



With fun colorful animations and a lot of personality, the popular app Headspace does the best job at making meditation simple for people just starting out. This is a great app to develop a habit of daily meditation, starting with 10- minute meditation exercises available in the free Basics pack. More exercises are available with a paid subscription. 



Need a breather from hectic city life or a busy day in the office? Beautiful, serene images and nature sounds transport you to the outdoors and bring back pleasant memories of hiking in the mountains or sitting on the beach. Calm teaches you different meditation techniques and offers guided meditation exercises that vary in theme, from calming anxiety to improving gratitude. It also offers relaxing music playlists. More options are unlocked with a paid subscription.


simple habit

Our third pick is Simple Habit, with short lessons for learning how to meditate and various guided meditation exercises across a range of topics. The app is a little less exciting, with fewer graphics and music. We like the on-the-go section that lets you choose a 5, 10, or 20-minute guided meditation that prompts you to practice during specific times of day (ex: coffee break, walking, commute) or in reaction to  certain stressors (ex: tough day, big event). Like the others, a paid subscription grants you access to more exercises.

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