Top 3 Non-Toxic, clean burning Candles

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Lighting a warm, cozy candle at the end of the day as been one of our favorite rituals for years!  It wasn’t until pregnancy that we realized that not all candles are created equal.  Turns out, a lot of our go-to conventional brands contained less-than-natural ingredients that left us breathing in unnecessary toxins.

What better time to clean up your home environment than while nesting?  After researching the less than appealing ingredients in the average candle, we tossed all candles made with petroleum-derived paraffin wax, synthetic fragrances, and metal wicks.  Instead, we reached for clean-burning, natural candles that were equally as effective at boosting our moods so we could relax with total peace of mind.

Here are our top choices for non-toxic, clean burning candles that smell amazing AND look stylish perched on your bookshelf.


Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio wooed us with their stunning imagery and equally chic packaging. You can’t go wrong donning this candle anywhere in your home; it is an instant style enhancer without standing out. Once we got past our heart-eyes for the homepage and explored the scent offerings, we were thrilled with the number of enticing nature and travel inspired options. The sets are a perfect way to sample a few scents to find your personal fave, or would make an absolutely fabulous gift (in fact you can find a full size candle in our bundles!). The best part is the candles are all hand-made from 100% natural elements—from wax to scent to wick! Find our favorite scent, Sunday Morning, in The Nurtured 9 Pregnancy Shop!


Lite + Cycle

Lite + Cycle’s non-toxic aromatherapy candles smell authentically like the plants from which they’re named because they're made simply with 100% pure and genuine essential oils. Not only do these natural candles smell sweet, but they’re equally as stylish, with a matte white design and accompanying gold lid (which doubles as a match striker). The five scented-candles are composed of 100% non-GMO soy wax with an unbleached cotton wick, and contain no synthetics, toxic additives or hidden fragrance chemicals.

Coming in at $62 for 65 hours of clean burn time, the candles are a bit on the pricey side. But, the gorgeous container can be reused by placing a votive candle inside once the original candle has been burned down. You can buy Lite + Cycle candles with free shipping on their website or purchase these candles along with other wellness and beauty goodies at The Detox Market.


Ellis Brooklyn

This beautiful and luxurious brand – created by a chic Williamsburg mom and beauty columnist for The New York Times - features phthalate-free, paraben-free, and eco-friendly perfume, body milk, and scented candles. We love the paraffin-free candles which are composed of soy wax and a small percentage of beeswax with metal-free, sustainable hemp wicks. The candles are also tested for soot to ensure they are clean burning.

The lovely scents are multi-layered and sophisticated, and the recycled, handmade glass container adds an instant pop of style to any tray, shelf or tabletop vignette. The candles are priced at $60 for 50-60 hours of burn time and are conveniently sold at Sephora, Credo, and through the company website (which all offer free shipping for this item!).

Need More Options?

Hyper-sensitive pregnancy nose giving you a red light on any of these products’ scents? Or don’t care for the look? Here are a few more non-toxic candles to try: 

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