Top 3 Pregnancy-Safe Body Cleansers

You lather your entire self in body wash every. Single. Day. Or, close to it. It should be clean and free from unnecessary chemicals, right? The dirty truth is that body wash is one of the most toxic products we use daily; chock full of parabens and artificial fragrance. Luckily, we have looked far beyond the confines of the drugstore, even beyond your typical natural grocer, to find the most delicious scents and silky results that non-toxic body wash can offer. Because if you’re going to ditch the dirt, you may as well get a daily spa-like experience out of the deal!


What criteria did we use to select our top three pregnancy-safe picks? Learn about our process here. 


Beautycounter Body Wash in Citrus Mimosa

Why we love it:

While we may not be able to sip mimosas during Sunday morning brunch these days, we can still find a refreshing burst of citrusy goodness in the shower. The scent has a subtle tang while the consistency is smooth and creamy, making a rich lather that feels super moisturizing. We found this wash to soothe our skin during the summer scorchers and replenish during the dry winter months. 


Goop G. Tox Glacial Marine Clay Body Cleanser

Why we love it:

With raging hormones, it’s not uncommon to find some breakouts in unexpected places. (Don’t be ashamed!) This clay cleanser detoxes the skin with essential minerals to remove impurities, while using mooring and safflower oil to create a luxe lather and prevent drying you out. The scent is a soft peppermint, which is a bonus for those of us dealing with morning sickness or scent sensitivities. 


Plant Apothecary Get Happy Bodywash 

Why we love it:

Plant Apothecary is known for its super simple formulas, so you know you’re in good, non-toxic hands. The Get Happy formula in particular is geranium and peppermint making for a wash whose scent truly matches its name. You can’t help but feel energized and smiley when lathering up. Sing hallelujah come on get happy!

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Remember, every pregnancy is different, and we are not medical professionals, so if you’re concerned about any product we mention, please talk to your doctor to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with what you’re using on your body. We did our best to sort out what we feel are the best pregnancy-friendly options out there by conducting extensive research, including: talking with our own doctors, scouring the internet, sifting through product reviews, and chatting with other moms-to-be. We hope our research helps you find products that make you feel great!