Top 3 places to buy maternity basics

Everyone has different maternity wear needs based on their lifestyle and career. As resident fashion stylist & new Mom Liz Teich points out, you might not need an entire closet overhaul, but it may serve you well to stock up on a few maternity basics.  How comfortable do silky soft leggings, long flowy tank tops, and velvety camisoles sound right now?

We at Nurtured 9 got creative and re-purposed a lot of clothes we already owned by adding in a few new maternity basics to account for the bump! Here's where we found most of our everyday maternity items without breaking the bank. If you're looking for more stylish or higher quality pieces to last you through multiple pregnancies (oh my!), check out our other Top 3 maternity wear lists (coming soon!). Keep in mind that not all store locations have a maternity department, so it's best to shop online or call ahead before visiting the store.


Old Navy

You'll find lots of inexpensive staples like jeans, shorts, casual dresses, t-shirts, tank tops, and swimsuits. If you're familiar with Old Navy Women's clothing, then you can expect their maternity line to be very similar in terms of style and quality. The clothing tends to be seasonal, so items changes frequently. 


Like Old Navy, Target is not the place to shop if you're looking for the most stylish clothes or highest quality fabrics - but I think we all know that! Peruse the maternity (or regular women's) department of Target to stock up on affordable basics in a few different colors to get you through the next few months. The Liz Lange Maternity line seems to be the most popular among Target shopping moms-to-be.


H&M Mama is another place to go for casual and comfortable maternity basics (like tees, basic dresses, and jeans), with a few inexpensive trendier pieces mixed in that you won't feel bad about only wearing a few times.

Need More Options?

We've also had a lot of luck at Amazon (check out the new Prime Wardrobe "try before you buy" program for higher quality items) and Gap (who seems to regularly have 40-50% off sales).

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